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Bond Silly Concept, What Is It?

Anyone has ever heard of the "2110" Bond concept… ? It's silly. At 2110 number is still said to be boring. It converts into steam and has enough power to run an exact calculation. There is someone just tries to increase his supernatural power and ... It's confusing.

Some of us do believe so much of spiritual things but rarely feel the real concept of harmonious life . But there is a man named Bond bringing a weird concept to life. There are people who study hard to unveil spirituality besides those who become the smart workers and they're looking for this man! Is it silly?

The man once said, "Why should you say so many times you have run so much in life to get some spiritual things but drop it when it comes to concept. You're not James Bond who feels the heat in the pants after a sissy kicked his ass."

He continued, "And why should you continue forcing us to go off track and off the battle field. The winners in life are not those who know this bond concept very well, but the ones who are able to hold their breath before dreaming."

And one of the people who walks along the pavement says, "Winners are the ones who skip the bond theory, because this concept is absurd, and if you think you can hypnotize others with that, that's silly!

What is it? You must keep learning!
Salam sukses!

What Is Contractor's Bond?


It is unlike the online contractors that you can find anywhere on the Internet. A contractor's bond is a financial assurance that a contractor will complete a job to a client's satisfaction. If he fails to complete a job as expected, the agency that issued the bond will provide a pay out to compensate ... Read More